Thick Headed Fly from Canada

Subject:  Fly ID
Geographic location of the bug:  Aurora, Ontario. Canada
Date: 05/04/2019
Time: 11:14 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi!
Could you please help me with ID of this fly? I guess it’s some kind of hoverfly
How you want your letter signed:  Vladimir Morozov


Dear Vladimir,
Your images are beautiful.  We are relatively confident this is not a Hover Fly, but we are uncertain of its family.  We are leaning towards Tachinidae, but we are currently battling very slow internet in Ohio which makes research ponderous.  Perhaps one of our readers will recognize this Fly.

Thick Headed Fly

Comment from Cesar Crash
Mouthparts, calyptra and halteres don’t look like Tachinidae. I think it’s Zodion sp.  See BugGuide.

Daniel, Cesar  thank you very much. Really looks like some Zodion

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