red and black bug
Hello – love your site. When I was little, we had these bugs on some weeds in the back of the playground in St. Louis, MO. I did a google search to try and find what they were, and I’m almost certain this is a pic of one. We called them "Pinchers", I assume because they pinch. Any info. you have would be great!

Hi Amy,
This is some species of Flower Longhorn in the subfamily Lepturniae. We could not find an exact match on BugGuide. We will see if Eric Eaton recognizes the species. Here is what Eric has to say: “Gee, I can’t find an exact match in Yanega’s guide, either, but it looks like it might be a species in the genus Trigonarthris. Lepturines are notorious for extreme individual variation, so that doesn’t help. There is a great site, though, someting like or, that has some great images. You might try that, too. Sorry I can’t be more definitive. Eric”

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