Flower Longhorn: Stenelytrana emarginata

Coppery beetle in NY – brown prionid?
Here’s a bug that appeared on an old maple tree in central New York state. The size is what surprised us when it flew. It’s huge! I tried to identify it, and it may be a brown prionid, but only its back is bronze. The rest is black. The bronze sparkles in the sun. This was on your website. It has similar wings and antennae, but this one is all brown, and the one I saw was only brown on the wing covers. Can you tell what it is? Thanks! We love your site – amazing!

Hi Leslie,
Your beetle is in the same family as the Prionids, but a different subfamily. This is a Flower Longhorn in the subfamily Lepturinae. We believe it is Stenelytrana emarginata based on photos posted to BugGuide. Sadly, this gorgeous beetle does not have a common name.

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