Flower Longhorn: Leptura subhamata

Subject: Several IDs please
Location: Mason Co. Michigan
July 9, 2016 7:25 pm
Good evening,
I’ve attached three photos which i would like help with. The first, I think is an an mimic spider and would like to know what kind. The second, I think is a long-horn beetle but can not find specific information. And third, I found a pair of unusual insect “egg nests” (for lack of better term). If you can shed some light on what these are I’d appreciate it. Both were found on Lilac leaves.
Thank you!
John R. Poindexter
Signature: John

Flower Longhorn: Leptura subhamata
Flower Longhorn: Leptura subhamata

Dear John,
As it stands, your request has three very different “creatures” you would like identified:  a spider, a beetle and a cluster of eggs.  To keep our classifications on our site from being too confusing, we limit our postings to a single species, or at least a single classification category.  With that stated, your Longhorn  appears to be
Leptura subhamata, which we identified on BugGuide, where it states:  “larvae host in decomposing Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and pine species (Pinus).”  If you still want additional information on your Spider and Eggs, please resubmit distinct new requests limiting your submission to a single species.

Thank you for your quick response and information on the beetle. My apologies for “clumping” my requests. I will resubmit for the spider. However, a friend (utilizing your site) identified the egg nest for me as that of a wheel bug.
Again, thank you for you quick help.
Regards, John

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