Flower Longhorn

Need help identifying this borer beetle
I found this nice beetle flying low around the base of one of the trees in my backyard yesterday. (I have no idea what kind of tree it is, sadly.) I thought it was a wasp at first, by its flight pattern. It is almost exactly 1 inch long, not including antennae, which are about half an inch. I noticed after I took it inside to take its picture that it makes an quite audible shrieking sound when I pick it up.
After looking through all 13 beetle pages on your site and not finding a match to my beetle, I decided to send it in. 🙂 At least during my searches, I determined that it was some sort of borer. I’d like to get an exact match so I can eventually include the beetle in my insect collection. Thanks,
Jessica in Sartell, MN

Hi Jessica,
This is one of the Flower Longhorns in the subfamily Lepturinae. According to images on BugGuide, it looks like Stenocorus schaumii.

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