Subject: A day of Freaky Flies
Location: Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
December 15, 2012 3:27 am
Hello Bugman, you’ve helped me before with a Bristle fly a couple of years ago. Today I’ve seen 3 strange flies on my cherry tree, which is currently being attacked by the cherry tree slug. I suspect they could be feeding on it, but I’m not sure.
It’s Summer here in Australia and today was a dull humid day.
Signature: Linda, Yarra Valley

Flower Feeding March Fly

Hi Linda,
Two of your images are of flies, and the third appears to be a Wasp.  The first image we have identified on the Brisbane Insect website as
Scaptia auriflua, the Flower Feeding March Fly.  March Flies are commonly called Horse Flies in North America, and females feed on the blood of horses and other warm blooded creatures, including people, but the Brisbane Insect website indicates of Scaptia auriflua:  “Most other female March Flies are blood sucker but this fly is flower feeder. Both male and female of this species feed on nectars only.”  The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust website has a much better photo of this species for identification purposes.  Anthony Tancredi Photography has some beautiful photos of Scaptia auriflua.  We will continue to work on your other identifications from your Freaky Flyday.

thanks Daniel for such a quick response.  I can provide you with more photos if you need them.  I thought the one you think might be a wasp could be some sort of fly that looks like a wasp.  A friend has suggested a soldier fly but you are the expert and that’s why I’ve sent them to you.  The very black spiky looking fly has a sort of creamy long moustache, I’ve never seen a fly like it before.  Definitely creepy looking to a squealy girl like me anyway.  If you need more photo to identify them please let me know.
kind regards

Hi again Linda,
We would love additional photos of the second image.  We are uncertain if it is a Soldier Fly or a Robber Fly, but those are our two first guesses. 

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Location: Australia

3 Responses to Flower Feeding March Fly

  1. Bee girl says:

    I may have been mistaken, but this afternoon something looking very much like this flower feeding march fly tried to ?bite / suck blood from my leg and then from my husband. We are in coastal Queensland central and today was the first sunny day after tons of rain. It was definitely a) a fly, and b) brightly coloured with yellow and green, almost iridescent. Are there other robber type flies that look like this?

  2. beverly says:

    i live in harvey, il. usa. ive seen 2 very different flies, i think. idk what they are. 1 is about the size of a normal house fly, but it has a green head & a bee body. the 2nd one is about 1 and 1/2 inches in length. longer than ive ever seen any fly and solid black. can u help me? thank u

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