Flower Chafer

Big Black Beetle
Location: Southeastern Michigan
July 12, 2011 9:27 pm
This big fella flew into my long curly hair and got stuck there, much to my chagrin. I shook him out finally and he hung around long enough to get his photo taken and then flew off with a loud humming sound. He was about as big as my thumb. Oh by the way, I was sitting by a lake when it happened.
Signature: thanks! Laura

Flower Chafer: Osmoderma scabra

Hi Laura,
Your beetle is
Osmoderma scabra, one of the Fruit and Flower Chafers.  In the past week, we posted a photo of the closely related Hermit Flower Beetle, but alas, your beetle doesn’t have a specific common name.  You can compare your image to the photos submitted to BugGuide.

Thanks for the reply. The hermit flower beetle was very similar. I love your website!

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