Flightless Ichneumon

Subject: what kind of bug is this
Location: columbus ohio
December 26, 2013 5:47 pm
Found this bug in my house, 12/26 in ohio…its freezing outside haven’t seen any sig of bug life so to find one inside puzzled me! What type of bug is this? Should I be concerned that there are more? It looks fire antish- I grew up in the south that was my first guess, never seen/noticed anything like it before in OH.
Thanks for any feedback!
Signature: M

Flightless Ichneumon
Flightless Ichneumon

Dear M,
We believe this is a flightless Ichneumon in the genus
Gelis.  Ichneumons are parasitic wasps that prey on a variety of insects and arthropods, though many Ichneumons are host specific.

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