Flightless female Winter Moth, we believe

maybe coming from our fireplace?
Location: watertown, ma
December 1, 2011 3:12 pm
hi there, we keep finding these bugs crawling around our bedroom… we saw one sticking it’s little head out of our fireplace & thought maybe that’s where they are gaining entry.
they seem to just come in & die & some of the dead ones have flourescent green puss/blood…
Signature: thanks or your help! – mary

Winter Moth: Flightless Female

Hi Mary,
Though your photo is not sharp, we are relatively certain this is the flightless female of the invasive exotic Winter Moth,
Operophtera brumata, a European species that has become established in North America.  Here is a previous posting of a Winter Moth from our archive, and you may also find images and information on BugGuide where it has been reported in Massachusetts.

Thank you so much! We thought it looked like a moth, but were thrown by the lack of wings… What a relief to know our home is safe, at least, feel a little bad for our perennials though.
Thanks again!

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