odd bug
Location: fredericksburg, va
September 11, 2011 10:57 pm
this bug was in our house today 9.11.11 & bit my husband. apparently it hurt quite a bit. we live in fredericksburg, va & are trying to determine what it is so we can decide if we need to get an exterminator.
Signature: evelyn

Flightless Female Black Corsair

Hi Evelyn,
Regarding the Black Corsair, according to BugGuide:  “Females are (often) flightless, tend to live under logs, stones, etc. Adults overwinter under logs, in piles of weeds, etc. Males seen in open in spring, presumably searching for females? During mating, spongy pads on legs are used by males to mount females. Female is reported to stridulate with beak during mating, perhaps (?) to deter attack by male. Eggs are laid singly into soil beneath rocks. Males come to lights in summer.”  The Black Corsair is an Assassin Bug that preys upon insects, but like many Assassin Bugs, it will bite humans if carelessly handled or if it feels threatened.  You do not need to exterminate based on this unusual indoor visitor. 

Location: Virginia

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