Flightless Bagworm Moth from New Zealand

Subject: “Australian” Bagworm Moth
Location: Epsom, Auckland
March 14, 2014 2:54 pm
Never seen one before but I spotted and I think correctly identified an Australian Bag Moth yesterday 14 March 2014 in Epsom, Auckland
Signature: Lindsay

Bagworm Moth
Female Bagworm Moth

Dear Lindsay,
Thanks for submitting your photo of a flightless, female Bagworm Moth,
Cebysa leucotelus.  According to Nature Watch:  “It is found in New Zealand and the southern half of Australia (Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia).  The adult female moth has black wings with yellow wingtips and patches, but they do not expand properly, so she is not able to fly. The male has a similar pattern and colouring, but has no iridescence. His wings are fully developed and adult males can fly normally.  The larvae feed on lichen.”

13 thoughts on “Flightless Bagworm Moth from New Zealand”

  1. I found a flightless female bagworm moth today. Never seen one before. Beautiful. Kaylene, Longford, Tasmania 10 March 2018 in

  2. Iridescent blue female spotted at Onerahi, Whangarei today, 22 March 2018. Flashed the orange parts and walked rapidly sideways along the railing on my deck. Stunning! The name doesn’t do it justice.

  3. February 2019 I see these moths every year on a corner of our house. I guess the air currents must be conducive to pheromone dispersal in this particular spot.Fun to watch and so beautiful. I have even seen the flying male moths a couple of times too. Eveline

  4. Just found one on the front step. March 24th 2019 in Blockhouse Bay. First time I’ve ever seen one. Wow so pretty.

  5. I have just found one in Mellons Bay, Aukland. It doesn’t look like the others, weird right? It does not have a long abdomen. It doesn’t look like the others because it didn’t have the abdomen showing below the thorax, that is what made it so weird! (Thomas, aged 8)


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