Flea we believe

Subject: bug!?
Location: calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 2, 2014 11:35 pm
Hi, a few weeks ago I had three itchy spots on my hip, a week after I had an itchy bite in between my fingers. Tonight I am laying in bed and feel a tickle on my finger, sure enough there is a big crawling on me. I moved it to my end table and snapped a few pictures. It moved quickly, was only about 3 to 4 mm. It did not appear to have wings, have a pointed back (not flat). It then jumped(?) or possibly fell off my side table and I have not found it since.
I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it is currently January and pretty cold outside (-15ish). I have checked my mattress and haven’t found any other bugs.
Signature: kelly


Hi Kelly,
Do you have a pet dog or cat?  Your photo is blurry, but this looks suspiciously like a Flea to us.  The size and behavior you described would support our identification.


I have a cat and a dog. I have checked them both neither have fleas.
What is the livelihood I have one lone flea hanging around my house that keeps biting me?

We can’t really speculate on the likelihood of a single Flea, but your photos do look like a Flea.  See BugGuide for additional images.


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