Possibly Apple Flea Beetles

Subject: green beetle swarm west texas
Location: western Hodspeth County Texas
June 7, 2015 4:05 pm
We live in west Texas in high (5100 ft.) desert grassland. This week we are being swarmed by small (approx. 1/4″) shiny green beetles. Can you identify them from this picture? Sorry it is not a better one. I am only concerned about them being destructive.
Thanks in advance.
Signature: Ray Ornberg

Flea Beetles
Flea Beetles

Hi Ray,
As you have indicated, the quality of your image is not optimal, but we believe based on your description that these are Flea Beetles in the tribe Alticini, and we also believe that they might be Apple Flea Beetles,
Altica foliaceae.  According to BugGuide: “In recent years, several outbreaks of this insect have occurred throughout Colorado.”  We will be postdating your submission to go live in the near future while we are away from the office.

Thank you so much for the very quick and very accurate response. Based on the pix accessed from the Bugman link you have certainly nailed it!
Best Regards,
Ray Ornberg

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