Flea Beetle: Small Blue Leaf Beetle from Australia

What is this bug?
Location: Sydney, Australia
June 22, 2011 12:11 am
Hi there,
I got this bug off a leaf in a garden in winter in Sydney Australia. I was wondering if you knew what it was?
Signature: MargotG

Small Blue Leaf Beetle

Dear MargotG,
This is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae, and it can be further classified as a Flea Beetle in the tribe Alticini.  We believe we have correctly identified it as a Small Blue Leaf Beetle,
Nisotra breweri, on the Insects of Brisbane Website.  You did not indicate which plant you found the Small Blue Leaf Beetle upon, and the Insects of Brisbane website indicates it is found on Wild Tobacco.  Interestingly, the hairy leaf that you photographed your individual upon looks very much like the leaves represented in the photos on the website we cited.

Thankyou so much for identifying the flea beetle! The leaf was from a chinese lantern bush! Interesting!!!
Many Thanks

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