Subject: Tiny jumping bugs
Location: Colorado. Ft Collins
January 25, 2016 9:35 pm
I found these in my house. These little guys jump. Found some on my daughters hair. Couple on the dog. Maybe they are hard to kill, maybe they aren’t. I done know as my daughter put them in vacileen. I have one live one to take pictures of in a mason jar with no lid. He can’t get out.
We found these in our house today. Our daughter had five on her. Our dog had two on her. Smash easy. Barely touch them and you squash them. Small black jumping bug. You move towards it and it jumps. Almost looks tall and skinny. We put a little vacileen on him to keep him from jumping. So he is a little out of shape.
Signature: Bryguy


Dear Bryguy,
This is a Flea.  Fleas can be easily identified by their small size, ability to jump great distances, and their lateral compression.

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