Subject: Flea or something similar
Location: Washington state
August 9, 2015 11:47 am
hello. Over the course of the last week we have noticed something both in our house and outside. I first realized I had some small itchy bites around my ankles. I then saw a bug up in my bathroom. I was able to catch it and kill it. I tried to squish it under toilet paper with my nail, took a photo and noticed it was still wiggling. I continued to try and squish it and it took a long time. We have since noticed more bugs and bites. We live in Washington state and have an outdoor deck and live next to a small storm water retention pond (but it is dry this time of year). We first found them inside and just yesterday went to sit on our deck on a outdoor couch and noticed a swarm of the bugs on our ankles and legs. Both my husband and I have bites and we found one in our baby’s hair this morning. We did have raccoons under our deck a month ago, but they were driven out by coyote scent that was planted. They are now gone.
The bug…it looks like a flea, see pics.
Looking forward to your response.
Signature: Bugs of Wa


This is definitely a Flea and it might be connected to the raccoons you had under the deck.

2 thoughts on “Flea”

  1. The bites on your feet and ankles is a pretty good clue that it’s fleas you’re dealing with. You’ll need to apply something to kill the fleas in your carpet/flooring, and then steam clean it to get the eggs. Treat your pets if you have any. Fleas are tough to deal with but not as bad as lice or bedbugs. Good luck!

  2. Just FYI. The best way to kill the miniture blood-sucking vampires called “fleas” is by NOT trying to squeeze the little blood demons but rather to “roll em” while they eat! Now I consider myself a pretty strong fella, as I work out on a regular basis, but squeezing as hard as I could for as long as humanly possible did not kill the last one I tried to expire by this method. Now I just roll them like puddy or dough (like masa for making tortillas for all you Mexican folk out there ) and voila… DEAD flea! Try it, you’ll like it..

    Hope thIs helps someone, anyone in desperate need of help and good luck hunting to ya all.

    Signed: “El flea hatin’ MexiCAN from California”!


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