Subject: Bug on cashew tree- planthopper?
Location: Bali, Indonesia
February 22, 2017 12:14 am
Hi there!
We have a mystery planthopper who loves our cashew trees. It causes quite a problem for our farmers and we would like to identify the specific species, or at least know what kind of natural treatment would work best!
Signature: Mara Moran

Flatid Planthopper

Dear Mara,
We began our search on BugGuide, a North American site, in an attempt to narrow down this Planthopper to the family Flatidae, and according to BugGuide, they feed on:  “above-ground portions of a wide variety of woody/semi-woody plants.”  Your individual resembles
 Euphanta munda on BunyipCo where it states:  “The genus is a northern one with species known from Nerw Guinea, Fiji and Indonesia. This one measures about 7 mm.”  Using a key word search, we located an article on Jurnal Entomologi Indonesia that mentions Sanurus indecora feeding on cashew trees.  An image of the species on Independent Academia appears to match your individual.  While we cannot read the site, may also be helpful.

Flatid Planthopper Nymph

Flatid Planthopper Nymphs

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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