Flat Bark Beetle

Bugman here they come!
I’ve got a few pics of some bugs I haven’t been able to identify. Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. If you need better res images I can send them. … (Bug 2-1 & Bug 2-2) I found this bug chopping wood out behind my house in the bark of a Red Oak. Based on the face and body shape I’m guessing this is some kind of borer, but I was amazed by the the sharp red color. … I’ve got a lot more and am going to be putting up a nature notebook of all my findings from SW Michigan and my "world" travels. Thanks!
Dave Williams
St. Joseph, MI, USA

Hi Dave,
In the future, please just send one identification request per letter. This is a Flat Bark Beetle. It is not a borer beetle, but is in the family Cucujidae. The bright red adults and larvae live under the bark of dead trees where they eat small arthropods.

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  1. I have found two of an insect i’ve never seen before in my house. At first appearance, they look like small pieces of bark, not insects.. They move as if leaves rustling by wind. They are wingless but may have very short legs. They could also be mistaken for small rocks. Their colors are black, brown, white and grey. When encountered, they cease all movement. After a while, a tube like mouth part appears. They seem not to have eyes. They appear to be shaped like a squash seed and about 1/2 inch long. In appearance, they do not look like insects but rather like plant material, and they especially look like some sort of seed. But they move! I live in central Florida, out in the country. I can not find anything like them listed under Florida insects. Any idea what these creatures could be? Thanks!


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