Subject: Flame Skimmer
Location: NE Heights, Albuquerque NM
July 1, 2017 3:17 pm
Found this guy on a tomato tower in my garden this morning. He was kind enough to sit still long enough for me to run and get my camera.
Signature: J. C. Hunter

Flame Skimmer

Dear J.C. Hunter,
We are very happy to post your beautiful image of a male Flame Skimmer.  They are described on BugGuide as:  “males bright orange with amber color in the wings covering half the width of the wing, out to the nodus, and all the way to the rear of the hind wing.”  Several weeks ago we missed the opportunity to capture an image of one that was perched on a dried twig near our fountain (currently containing water but in need of a new motor) because it flew when we returned with the camera.  Our offices in Los Angeles overlook a natural portion of the LA River, though it is about a mile away.  Neon Skimmers and/or Flame Skimmers are the only Dragonflies we regularly see in our hilltop location. 

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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