Flag Footed Bug from Brazil: Diactor bilineatus

Subject: Whats this bug
Location: Brasil / sao paulo
July 6, 2016 9:25 am
Found in brasil / sao paulo
Best regards!
Signature: Eduardo k

Flag Footed Bug
Flag Footed Bug

Dear Eduardo,
This amazing insect is a Flag Footed Bug,
Diactor bilineatus, and according to TrekNature:  “The longevity of the adult is of 30 days, of form that the complete cycle of the species they live approximately two months, depending on the climatic conditions. The nymphs of this species suck the seiva of the floral buttons and new fruits, and the adults also attack leves, branches and fruits of any age.”

Thankyou very much!
It is a plague for passion fruit crops!
My best regards!
Eduardo Korkes

Hello again Eduardo,
From what we have read, passion fruit is the known host for this Flag Footed Bug.

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