Fishing Spiders and Male Crevice Weavers

Dark Fishing Spiders- Very helpful in the house
June 14, 2011 4:25 am
You might be interested to know that dark fishing spiders absolutely love to hunt and eat brown recluses. I got rid of an infestation using my girl. (girl because she has probably more than 100 babies that I released.) If people knew about her kind eating the dangerous spiders, maybe fewer would be killed! She may be big and intimidating, but she sure helped with that problem before I got bit by a recluse a second time!
My wolf spider hunted them a bit too, but went after crickets more. Now those are spiders to have around the house! Especially because most pesticides don’t effect recluses!
Another thing about spiders-
Recluses like moisture and can climb through pipes. I had several come out of an unused sink drain and one came up through the toilet! Watch out so you don’t get your butt bit.
Signature: Cassie Bryan

Cassie’s Fishing Spider

Dear Cassie,
Thanks so much for your email.  We hope the advice you offer will prevent the Unnecessary Carnage of large and scary, though harmless Fishing Spiders.  We are illustrating your email posting with photos from our archives of a Fishing Spider and a Brown Recluse.




Male Crevice Weever from the archives

Ed. Note: June 23, 2011
Cassie just provided us with another account of raising Fishing Spiders and them feeding on Brown Recluse Spiders.  We were able to replace the Fishing Spider image from our archives with one of Cassie’s own photos.





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  1. The second image in this post (the one labeled a brown recluse) is actually an adult male “Crevice Weaver” in the genus Kukulcania. It’s the #1 spider in North America that is often confused for a brown recluse. The female Kukulcania looks way different though, so there’s no mistaking them for a recluse.


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