Fishing Spider spins Nursery Web

Subject: Mama fishing spider
Location: Littleton, NH
July 23, 2013 6:32 pm
We have a VERY protective mama Fishing Spider who attached her egg sac to our screen door this last Saturday. Many of the babies have hatched and she has spun a beautiful web in the corner of the screen to protect then. While we love seeing nature at work, we do have two small children who want so badly to get close to them and Mama does not appreciate it! How long can we expect them to stick around before heading off on their own?
Signature: The Woodsons

Fishing Spider Spins Nursery Web
Fishing Spider Spins Nursery Web

Dear Woodsons,
We don’t know exactly how long a Fishing Spider will guard her nursery web, but we speculate that the spiderlings will begin to disperse after about a week.

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