Fishing Spider

Subject: Nc spider
Location: Chapel hill nc
June 6, 2016 8:48 pm
Hello! My daughter was about to climb this tree and then spotted this beautifully camouflaged spider. We would love to know what it is. It was mid afternoon on a sunny day here in central North Carolina.
Signature: Adrienne

Fishing Spider
Fishing Spider

Dear Adrienne,
This well camouflaged spider is a Fishing Spider in the genus
Dolomedes, and they are generally found not far from a body of water.  It appears the Fishing Spider may have captured prey, because the orange object in its mouth or chelicerae is not part of the spider.  Female Fishing Spiders carry the egg sac in their chelicerae, but that does not appear to be an egg sac.

What's In the Fishing Spider's Mouth???
What’s In the Fishing Spider’s Mouth???

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