First Hickory Horned Devil sighting of 2012

Subject: Huge Green Caterpillar-like bug
Location: Windber pennsylvania
September 1, 2012 11:36 am
My friend found this huge bug! It resembles a caterpillar, but Ive never seen one w/ these characteristics or of this size! We live In Windber, PA-it is the end of Summer, Sept 1, but she found it yesterday-which was the end of August. It is the end of Summer here, so its been fairly hot.As you can see from the pictures-its green with spikes (black) on its back.
Signature: tammy

Hickory Horned Devil

Hi Tammy,
This Hickory Horned Devil is arguably the most spectacular North American caterpillar.  It is also considered the largest North American Caterpillar.  We love getting photos of Hickory Horned Devils toward the end of each summer.  The adult Royal Walnut Moth, which makes an appearance during the early part of summer, is also a spectacular looking insect.

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