First Cicada Killer of the season

Hey BugMan!
For a week, this bug has visited our patio in the same spot at the same time each morning. (S)he sits on the edge of the concrete facing the grass/dirt while her bottom pulses up and down on the concrete. What is it? Why does it hang out here? Is there a nest? Is (s)he grocery shopping?
Buford , GA

Hi Holly,
We are very thrilled to get your photo, the first Cicada Killer of the season. These large solitary wasps dig burrows that they provision with paralyzed Cicadas that serve as food for the larvae. The adults eat nectar and pollen.

Update: (06/14/2007) Eric Eaton Wrote
Daniel: The lovely image of the cicada killer is a male of the species. Males are very territorial, and he is likely “shopping” for a female that may already have a burrow started nearby, or will be emerging from one shortly. Males behave aggressively, but do not have stingers. The person who submitted the image should have fun watching these wasps this summer. Females can sting of course, but unless you grab one or accidentally step on one in bare feet, you won’t get stung.

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