Subject: trilobyte bug?
Location: Huntersville NC
October 25, 2012 11:22 am
found this outside Charlotte NC
six legs
scaly body like a lobster
pushes itself along with its tail while it walks
tiny head extends out of the front but retracts when spooked like a snail’s eye
Signature: Leather Mystics

Firefly Larva

Hi Leather Mystics,
This is a beetle larva, and we have narrowed it to two possibilities, the likelier being a Firefly Larva and the other option being a Netwing Beetle Larva.  
Firefly Larvae feed on snails while Netwing Beetle Larvae feed on fungus, and ofter the only reliable way of distinguishing between the two is the diet.

Yup, looks like the firefly larva – which is weird because we haven’t seen any fireflies around this area….


Location: North Carolina

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