Firefly Larva or Net-Winged Beetle Larva from Panama

Subject: Bug ID Panama
Location: Panama
September 20, 2015 8:05 pm
Dear Bugman,
I would like to ask you if you know which family this insect belongs to.
It was found in Panama on the 20th of September (rain season) on the ground in secundair rainforest on 800m altitude (Rambala region).
I am very curious to hear what it could be.
With kind regards,
Signature: Stefanie

Beetle Larva:  Firefly or Net-Winged Beetle???
Beetle Larva: Firefly or Net-Winged Beetle???

Dear Stephanie,
This is a beetle larva, and it is either a Firefly Larva in the family Lampyridae or a Net Winged Beetle Larva in the family Lycidae.  The two families are very difficult to distiguish from one another when in the larval stage.

Dear Daniël,
Thank you very much!
Is thought it might be a trilobyte but they only occur in Asia if I am correct.

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