Bolivian giant larva

Firefly Larva

Bolivian giant larva
Location: Samaipata, Bolivia
July 17, 2011 8:15 am
It is killing me not knowing what this giant is! I saw this amazing creature in Amboro National Park, Samaipata, Bolivia. It looks like a very, very large firefly larva. It has bioluminescent spots just like a firefly larva. The only problem is it was about 4 in / 10cm long! Found it wandering across a path midday last November, the begining of rainy season. I found another one at my house in Pailon, Bolivia but it was only 1.5 inches.
Signature: Jason

Firefly Larva

Hi Jason,
We agree that this must be a Firefly Larva, though we would never have guessed it was four inches long.  The bioluminescent spots are a very good indication that your identification is correct.  We wish you had included a night shot.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in a species identification.  Your photographs are quite stunning.

Firefly Larva

I can’t help but wonder if this could be a case of neoteny.  I cannot imagine an adult firefly this size larva would produce!  It is also possible it is an unsubscribed species, there are new discoveries being made in this relatively unexplored forest all the time. Not long ago they found a new species of Monkey there.  I am sorry I didn’t get a night shot.  I have been doing a lot of digging and asking around to ID this guy with no luck so far.

Just a few additional thoughts Jason.  Many female adult Fireflies are larviform.  Many larvae are larger than the adults.  Please provide us with a comment on your posting if you ever get any additional information in the future.

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Location: Bolivia

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