Firefly Larva

Subject: bioluminescent bug
Location: Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
November 7, 2016 6:47 pm
Found several of these after dark on a drizzly day. They were in leaf litter near the Little Buffalo river in the Ozark Mountians of Arkansas on November 9. Temperature was about 60F. Rain was the first precipitation in over three weeks. They glowed on and off like fire flies but with a slower rythm thatn the fliers usually do. Fire fly larva or Glowworm?
Signature: Bugs Rule!

Firefly Larva
Firefly Larva

This is definitely a Firefly LarvaGlowworms look quite different.  We wish you were able to submit an image showing the bioluminescence.

I will give it a try!  Thanks for the feedback.

Firefly Larva
Firefly Larva

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  1. I’ve seen these for several years in the Appalachian hills of the northeast panhandle of West Virginia. I didn’t know what the slowly growing and ebbing glow was coming from until last night, when I brought out a hand lens and a flashlight. There tend to be several of them at a time–3 last night. It was about 2 AM, dry but cloudy, temp in the high 60s. Each seems to glow in a line, apparently matching it’s body shape, for about 10 seconds. They’re in leaf litter and wild-growing grass and small plants.


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