Firefly in Colorado

Subject:  Colorado Glowworm
Geographic location of the bug:  Sedalia, CO
Date: 06/11/2018
Time: 12:41 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Thanks for your thread on the CO Glowworm. I found three tonight in the weeds by our home in the foothills SW of Denver. We live at 7000′ just north of Woodland Park, south of Pine, and west of Rampart Range (all places mentioned in the thread.)
We’re new to the area, but none of the long-timers have ever seen anything like this.  I’m fascinated and terribly curious to learn more. Have you found any more info on these guys?
I’m attaching a pretty crappy picture fwiw. My good camera is with my son out of state. If I can find more next week, I’ll see if I can grab better pix.
How you want your letter signed :  Amy


Dear Amy,
Though we would relish a better image of your insect, we do want to commend you on visually capturing both the insect itself as well as its bioluminescence.  Based on your image, which we believe to be of a pink larviform female, we surmise this is a Firefly from the genus
Microphotus, and while BugGuide does not list any sightings in Colorado, there are sightings in California, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, so the range might actually extend to Colorado.  Part of the confusion is that some literature refers to the California species Microphotus angustus as a Pink Glowworm, though it is actually a Firefly from the family Lampyridae.  Since we are constantly trying to clean up our archives, slowly making corrections, we are changing the name of the Glowworm posting you originally cited to correctly indicate this is a Firefly.  As an aside, our editorial staff is currently on holiday in Ohio where we have been enjoying nightly Firefly displays.

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