Figeaters eating Figs

Lovely Bug
October 26, 2009
These guys show up every year when the figs are ripe (July-Aug). About an inch long and maybe 5/8 thick. They usually mass on one fig and leave it in tatters.
Kenneth Magnone
90066 (West Los Angeles)

Figeaters eating Figs
Figeaters eating Figs

Hi Kenneth,
We are so excited that you have sent us a photo of Figeaters eating Figs.  Figeaters are also known as Green Fruit Beetles.

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  1. Back home, in the Ozarks, we called these “June Bugs”. It was fun to tie a piece of thread to a hind leg and let them fly around or catch a jar full of them just for fun or fish with. That was entertainment!


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