Figeater in Captivity

Subject: Life span of adult fig eater beetle
December 28, 2014 11:43 am
I rescued an adult fig eater beetle last July. He has damaged wings and is unable to fly. I left him out for a couple of days so nature could take its course but on the morning the gardeners were coming I found him hanging on to a blade of grass and couldn’t let him get chopped by the mower. Since then he has lived in a terrarium with grass, leaves, dirt, sticks and is eating grapes, figs and blueberries. He has occasional visits outside, where he crawls in the grass and climbs onto sticks and tries to fly But can’t manage to do so.
I am amazed he is still alive! How long will my house guest survive?
Signature: Kate

Injured Figeater Rescued
Injured Figeater Rescued

Dear Kate,
Since you did not provide us with an image, we are illustrating your query with an image of a Figeater from our archives.  Since you have rescued this lovely Scarab from a premature death, we are tagging your letter with the Bug Humanitarian Award.  Having averted the natural predators and food shortages that limit the life span of wild beetles, you have extended the life of the Figeater you rescued.  We can’t imagine it living more than a year, so we speculate that your individual will expire by summer.

Thanks so much for the award! I am honored. I am also including a photo of the actual beetle (who is generally referred to as Bugman, although I am not sure of his/her gender). He is taking one of his walks on a hibiscus.
Please once again accept my humble thanks for the award! Glad to know that others support Bug Rescue 🙂

Hello again Kate,
Thanks so much for sending in your image of a Figeater with damaged elytra, the hard wing covers.  We have formatted the image to illustrate the posting as the primary image and the image we found in our archives is now relegated to a secondary status.

Figeater (from our archives)

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