Fig Eater

San Diego Beetle
Dear Bugman,
I saw this beetle in the bushes at the San Diego zoo last fall. It was about an inch long and flew off after the picture was taken. I have seen a few of them around the area, do you know what it is? I have attached a picture and any help you can give me would be great! I love the site and check it all the time!

Hi Katie,
This is a Green Fruit Beetle or Fig Eater, Cotinus mutabilis. This large green metalic scarab flies in August and September and produces a loud buzzing in flight. Eggs are laid in compost piles and adults feed on fruit, especially peaches and figs.

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  1. what would make fig eater beetles dive bomb me everytime I try to go outside-it happens each year during their season-they then try to land on me


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