Fiery Searcher Carnage

Subject: Identify beetle
Location: Se michigan
June 5, 2015 8:02 pm
Could you please identify this beetle found near wooden pallets.
Thank you
Signature: Chris

Who or What Killed the Fiery Searcher???
Who or What Killed the Fiery Searcher???

Dear Chris,
This magnificent Ground Beetle is a Caterpillar Hunter commonly called a Fiery Searcher,
Calosoma scrutator, and it is considered a beneficial insect.  Predatory Fiery Searchers help to control populations of caterpillars and other insects, and though you did not specify how this individual met its death, it appears to be Unnecessary Carnage.  One of our missions is to educate our readers about the importance of the interconnectivity of all life on our planet, and to urge our readership to learn to appreciate and tolerate the native bugs that though they may appear scary, are actually quite harmless, like this gorgeous Fiery Searcher.

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