Fiery Searcher

Big Green Beetle
Location: Enid, Oklahoma
May 12, 2011 3:50 pm
Hi! I found this beetle on our front porch at dusk a few nights ago. We live in Enid, OK. My son and I are wondering what type of bettle it is and what we can feed it. Would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much!
Signature: luvmyrorys

Fiery Searcher

Dear luvmyrorys,
This magnificent beetle is a Caterpillar Hunter known as the Fiery Searcher,
Calosoma scrutator.  It has a ravenous appetite and it is instrumental in keeping caterpillar populations under control.  You will need to capture many caterpillars to keep it well fed and you may be better off releasing it back into the wild to fend for itself.

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  1. I had 3 of these in my room on the 4th floor of the Hampton Inn in Broken Arrow, OK. They have some scary pinchers!! I have no idea how they got in unless it was through the air conditioner somehow.


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