Blue Land Crab from Belize

Subject: not a fruit fly
Location: Toledo District, Belize
September 20, 2014 3:29 pm
Hi, folks,
Just sending this along for fun; thought you might get a kick out of it.
My kitchen is open air and we get plenty of critters, but this was a first.
Signature: Tanya

Fiddler Crab
Blue Land Crab

Hi Tanya,
What a pretty little Fiddler Crab, and what a poser.  The Smithsonian has a nice article on Fiddler Crabs.

Hello, Daniel,
Glad you liked the photo.  But it’s not a fiddler crab.  It’s a blue land crab (Cardisoma guanhumi) also known as duppy.  They get very large (“huge” says my Peterson Field Guide).  The one in the picture is a small, young animal.  When the mating season is on, they run in large numbers.  Their claws are capable of puncturing vehicle tires which is a hazard when they cross roads in swampy areas.  They are very tasty and are a much-prized delicacy in Belize.
I’m having lots of fun (and learning plenty) reading through the archives of WTB.  What a terrific job you and your small staff are doing.  Plenty of stars in your crowns.

Thanks for both the compliment and the correction Tanya.

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