Fiddler Beetle from Australia

Whats that bug?
Location: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
November 21, 2011 2:36 am
Hi there, this particular beetle was found in a pot plant by my mother in law. The bright florescent green was what caught her eye so she bought it right round so i could snap a photo.
Markings were symmetrical on top and on bottom, obviously 6 legs, eyes under its head and wings under its hard shell on its back. Spring is nearly over now heading into summer. Hope this helps.
Regards, Peter

Fiddler Beetle

Hi Peter,
As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere and our North American identification requests begin to diminish, we have a surge of identification requests from Australia and other southern realms.  We generally get several requests each year to identify Fiddler Beetles,
Eupoecila australasiae, like the individual in your photograph.  Fiddler Beetles make their summer appearance in Australia beginning in late November and continuing through about February.  We featured the Fiddler Beetle as the Bug of the Month for February 2007. 

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  1. I found a fiddler Beetle in my barbeque area at Leonay (near Penrith)NSW 5/2/22. I did not know what it was so I checked on google and saw it. Our is dark brown & green.

  2. Found a fiddler beetle in Adelaide, near the city, January 2023. Thanks to this site for helping me identify it. Never seen one before, very beautiful.


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