Fiddler Beetle from Australia

Subject: Beetle ID
Location: Childers, Queenslad, Australia
February 14, 2015 4:59 am
Hi Bugman
My husband found this bug, unfortunately drowned in our rain gauge after a heavy downpour, I wondered if you could tell us what it s called, I absolutely loved the vivid green markings on its back.
Signature: Cheers, Dianima

Fiddler Beetle
Fiddler Beetle

Dear Dianima,
This beautiful Scarab Beetle,
Eupoecila australasiae, is called a Fiddler Beetle because of the patterns on its dorsal surface.  We often receive several images of Fiddler Beetles from Australia each year.  Though you didn’t ask, you other images appear to be of the ootheca of a Mantis.

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