Fiddler Beetle from Australia

Subject:  Bug in garden.
Geographic location of the bug:  Gippsland Victoria
Date: 11/20/2017
Time: 10:01 PM EDT
Im trying to find out what bug this is. And is it a good bug or bad bug?
How you want your letter signed:  Anyway.

Fiddler Beetle

Each year as summer approaches in the southern hemisphere, we receive identification requests for Fiddler Beetles, like the one in your image, from Australia.  When it comes to insects, good and bad are relative terms.  Fiddler Beetles pose no threat to humans.  According to Australian Museum:  “Adult beetles emerge from soil in early summer and feed on the nectar of flowers” and “Female Fiddler Beetles lay their eggs in rotting logs or in the damp soil under logs. The grubs feed on rotting timber and build cocoons of soil and debris in which they pupate.”  As pollinating insects with larvae that help break down rotting wood, we feel confident stating they are beneficial in the garden.

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