Female Two Spotted Tree Cricket

Subject: Interesting Bug!
Location: Attleboro, MA
August 12, 2014 6:20 pm
I think this guy is neat looking, and I have been scouring online bug guides and can’t find anything that really comes close! But then I have never really studied bugs that closely . . .
He was on my back door in Attleboro, MA mid-afternoon in August.
Signature: EmilyRose

Two Spotted Tree Cricket
Two Spotted Tree Cricket

Dear EmilyRose,
He is a she.  This is a female Two Spotted Tree Cricket,
Neoxabea bipunctata, and according to BugGuide:  “Adult females have two large dark spots on their ‘back’.  Adult males do not have the large dark spots on their ‘back’.”

Two Spotted Tree Cricket
Two Spotted Tree Cricket

Thank you so much!  I think it is kind of beautiful.  Sorry to be a repeat for you!  I appreciate your time!

Hi again Emily,
We have no problem with repeats as multiple images of the same species help provide a more comprehensive picture of what the insect looks like.  Also, it helps to have a more comprehensive range represented on our site.  Additionally, we like to indicate years when particular species are more numerous.  Your images are quite beautiful.

Oh I’m glad! I don’t see any others with her little fishtail end so that’s neat 🙂
Thanks again!

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