Female Treetop Bush Katydid Nymph from Maine

What is this bug?
Location: Northern Maine
August 27, 2011 8:27 pm
We are up in Maine and saw this insect today beside the house and was wondering what kind it is, I had thought katydid but failed to find any pictures matching this one. The curved brown thing on its hind end intrigues me as well. Thanks!
Signature: Randy

Immature Female Treetop Bush Katydid

Hi Randy,
Your photo of what be believe to be an immature female Treetop Bush Katydid,
Scudderia fasciata, has been on our desktop all day while we took Sunday off.  It took us a bit of time researching on BugGuide, but we believe that we may have the identification correct.  The problem is that we are basing the identification of your nymphet on a photo of an adult female Treetop Bush Katydid, and sometimes nymphs differ from adults considerably.

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