Lovely Green Bug
Hello BugMan! This lovely greenie was perched on an azalea flower recently in my yard in Gainesville, Florida. I’m guessing it’s either a wasp or a hornet but have not found a photo quite like it. I was lucky to get these photo’s because a few other’s I’ve seen since like it were much too fast and not staying still as long as this one did. If you could be so kind as to tell me exactly what it is I’d appreciate it. HOPE you enjoy the photo’s as much as I have! Thank you in advance!
Mitzy Hileman

Hi Mitzy,
Originally we misidentifies this as a Green Orchid Bee, but Eric Eaton quickly corrected us. Here is his comment: “Also, the green orchid bee is actually a female sweat bee in the genus Agapostemon. Euglossa are much larger, without the coarse texture on the head and thorax (so they look very shiny).”

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