Female Peach Tree Borer

Subject: Black and orange flying bug
Location: Brooklyn, NY 11226
July 20, 2016 9:54 am
Hi Bugman,
There is a kind of flying bug around our yard in Brooklyn that appears regularly, freaking out our little 6 year old and his friends because they think it is a wasp. From the photo I took I see it is not a wasp but a black fly I think with an orange band around it’s thorax. I would like to know what it is and if it might bother the kids. ? Thanks!
Signature: Curiously yours, Kathleen Boyer

Female Peach Tree Borer
Female Peach Tree Borer

Dear Kathleen,
You and your son are both wrong.  This is a female Peach Tree Borer,
Synanthedon exitiosa, a species of moth that exhibits pronounced sexual dimorphism, though both male and female Peach Tree Borers are wasp mimics which probably affords them significant protection from predators.  Since they are moths, Peach Tree Borers are harmless and pose no threat to your kids, but they might be compromising the health of your peach trees. 

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