Female Hercules Beetle

Subject: Unknown Large Black Torpedo-Shaped Insect
Location: Franklin County, TN
November 16, 2013 10:10 pm
First off, I love your site! Keep up the great work!
I’m writing for two reasons:
… My wife and I have a very good relationship with the surrounding wildlife and exercise a no-kill policy 99.9% of the time (red wasps (in the house only) being the exception). …
Two, I wanted to send you a photo of a female Hercules Beetle that somehow found her way into our house. I found her on her back, with both our cats staring at her in utter confusion. They were kittens then, and the beetle must have seemed enormous to them. I feel quite honored to have seen this beetle, as I know it’s rather uncommon to encounter one. I relocated her to some moist woody ground under one of our pecan trees, but I took a handful of photos of her before I left her. I only have space to upload one of them, but I have several other good ones if you’d like them. I figured if anyone would appreciate her, it would be you!
Thanks again for your hard work, and hopefully for some help with my shiny black porch insect!
Signature: Laine

Female Hercules Beetle
Female Hercules Beetle

Hi again Laine,
Because of the care you took in relocating this female Eastern Hercules Beetle, because of your nearly no-kill policy and because of your passionate comment regarding killing Cow Killers, we are tagging this post with the Bug Humanitarian Award.

Hey again-
Thanks so much! You just made my day, big time. My wife and I love your site and will be contributing more soon. No shortage of amazing six- and eight-legged creatures to photograph at our rural TN home. We’ve had two incredible run-ins with Luna Moths, thanks to the 100-year-old black walnut tree behind our house, but so far the only photos I’ve managed to get are not worthy of your site. Still, truly special to have seen such an elusive creature. One night one flew into me and literally walked up my T-shirt flapping her wings, until she got to my face and flew away. Thanks again for the honor of the Bug Humanitarian Award!

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