Female Fishing Spider in her Nursery Web

I am not certain what this is–glancing over your photos, my closest guess was Wolf spider but as those don’t make webs, it can’t be the case. As you can tell, this fellow makes a web–turning the entire top of this plant into a death trap. It’s a good sized spider–its body the length of the diameter of a nickel, maybe bigger. If you want, I have a few more pictures of

This is a female Dolomedes Fishing Spider in her Nursery Web. Fishing Spiders belong to the Nursery Web Spider family, and they are hunting spiders that do not spin webs to catch prey. The female Fishing Spider carries her egg sac in her jaws until she finds a suitable place to spin her nursery web. She continues to guard the nursery web even after the spiderlings hatch. Thanks for the wonderful photo.

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