Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Subject:  Beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Winfield, Missouri
Date: 06/12/2018
Time: 06:46 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I grew up in Winfield, Mo and have never seen this bug ever in my 44 years. What is it? Should we be worried? Is it dangerous?
How you want your letter signed:  Tracy C.

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear Tracy,
This is a female Eastern Hercules Beetle, the heaviest North American Beetle, and it poses no threat to you.  Instead of being worried, you should feel lucky to have sighted her.  Male Eastern Hercules Beetles are even larger and have horns.

I am a true country girl and love nature. This type thing interests me a great deal. I do feel lucky. It took me 44 years to see one. She is neat looking. Thank you for your response. Now I know who to go to whenever I find bugs I don’t know about.

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  1. What a lovely photo! I recently ran across a male of this same species (literally, by stepping on him; he was unharmed) — I’ve been living here in Alabama most of my 45+ years and had never seen one before, either!


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