Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Giant green beetle
Location: Deep South – Rural Alabama, about 80 miles north of Gulf Shores off of the 65 highway
June 24, 2011 10:24 am
While traveling near Gulf Shores Alabama, during mid June (06/17 exactly), my ”City Girl” girlfriends and I came across this BIG green beauty. I’m not a city gal but I’ve never seen anything like this guy. We sent a picture to one of the husbands out west and he doesn’t believe it’s real! A little boy we met was more than happy to pick it up and display him for us 🙂
Signature: T.S.

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear T.S.,
“He” is a female Eastern Hercules Beetle,
Dyanstes tityus.  The larger males have horns and they are considered to be the heaviest beetles in North America.  Here is a photo of a male Eastern Hercules Beetle we posted earlier this morning.

Ed Note: Like ships passing in the night, T.S. wrote back as we were creating this posting.
Naturally I found out what SHE was after I wrote to you…I believe she was a Herculese Beetle

funny, we just replied to you and created the posting.  Glad you were able to find your answer.

I found the answer on YOUR website  which I might add is awesome!

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