Female Dobsonfly called Luciferfly in Oklahoma

Subject: Lucifer fly?
Location: NE Oklahoma
June 23, 2012 6:06 pm
We found this fly in Northeast Oklahoma this week (6/2012). It is about 3 inches long. We were told it was a Lucifer fly. Is that correct?
Signature: Lindy

Female Dobsonfly, AKA Luciferfly

Hi Lindy,
We have never heard the term Luciferfly, but some common insect names are very local in their usage.  This may be a name for the Dobsonfly, the insect photo that you submitted, that is limited to your location in Oklahoma.  We do think it is a fitting name for an insect whose larva is known as a Hellgrammite, a name we have never had much luck with determining the origin.  Your female Dobsonfly doesn’t have anywhere near the impressive mandibles of the male Dobsonfly.

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  1. Moi je suis au Québec et j’ai eu cet insecte sur mon balcon. Je vis au 3e étage et loin des cours d’eau.


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