Female Carolina Leaf Roller

Unusual Orthoptera?
Location: Lawrence County Ohio (far southern ohio)
August 29, 2010 10:08 am Dear Bugman,
I wonder if you can identify this odd insect that I found on my front porch light. I live in rural Southern Ohio and have never seen any insect like this. Hopefully you can tell by the photo, it appears to be wingless, has extremely long curling antennae, and a large stinger or ovipositor. I believe it is order Orthoptera, and looks similar to the shield back katydid, but not exactly. Any ideas? Thank you!
Hilary duDomaine

Photo is too small to make out any details

Unusual Orthoptera New Photo Attached
Thanks for writing back! Attached is a much better picture taken with a digital camera. Hope this helps!

Carolina Leaf Roller

Hi again Hilary,
Thanks for sending a much better image.  Even though some parts of the body are obscured, we cannot imagine that this could be anything other than a Raspy Cricket in the family Grillacridadae known as the Carolina Leaf-Roller,
Camptonotus carolinensis.  You can compare it to this photo on BugGuide. The information page on bugGuide indicates it:  “Hunts aphids at night” and “Bites through leaf in order to form flap. Flap is folded over, edge is pulled down with legs, and then edges are glued together with silk from gland on mouth. Sometimes uses empty Bladdernut (Staphylea) pods in which to hide instead of leaves.”  BugGuide also notes:  “Runs rapidly. Antennae very long, at least five times as long as body. (These do not stick out of leaf shelter.) Ovipositor is upturned and carried over back.

Wow thank you! That is definitely it! I have never seen one of these around my home, so it was great to get info on this unusual cricket! Thanks for your help,

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