Female Cape Mountain Cockroach from South Africa

Subject: Cool brown and orange striped beetle
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
May 12, 2014 1:38 am
Hello Bugman!
It’s very exciting for me to have someone to turn to for identifying the super cool bugs that I’ve been finding. I try to do the research online and oftentimes I’m successful, but it’s such a relief to have support for those times I need help. Thank you.
This bug (beetle, I’m assuming) was found in the hills/mountains outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
Signature: Kenda

Cape Mountain Cockroach
Female Cape Mountain Cockroach

Hi Kenda,
This is not a beetle, but rather, a Cape Mountain Cockroach,
Aptera fusca.  According to iSpot, it is also known as a Giant Cockroach or Table Mountain Cockroach.  Since iSpot also has images of winged examples of the species, we suspect this is a sexually dimorphic female Cape Mountain Cockroach, or possibly a nymph that has not grown wings, but there are numerous other examples of Cockroaches with wingless females.  Looking at iSpot a bit more closely, it appears our guess that this is a wingless female is correct.

Funny. My husband was certain that little gal was a cockroach. Thank you for the info. I will be posting her pic along with another shout-out for What’s That Bug on an upcoming article.
Also, a friend of mine sent me a photo of a stick bug (he took the pic innSouth Africa) -it’s over a foot long. Is that something you would like me to share on your site?

If you have your friend’s permission, we would love to post the Stick Insect.

Absolutely! He is happy to share!  I’ll do it now.

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